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March 31st - The Extraordinary Way in Syracuse, NY with Mel Tillar

Seventy people discovered "The Extraordinary Way" at the South Side Innovation Center last Saturday, March 31, when professional speaker and corporate coach Mel Tillar came to Syracuse. Tillar, a nationally known consultant based in Myrtle Beach , SC , led a diverse audience in a three-hour workshop, left them with concrete objectives, and clearly laid-out plans for success.

Thanks to generous support by the Rosamond Gifford Foundation, the cost of attendance was underwritten for many participants in the African American and Latino communities. According to event organizer and media personality George Kilpatrick, that brought Tillar's dynamic message and inspiration to a population that rarely sees itself mirrored in positive ways. Diane Turner of the Southside Working Group agrees, "He stirred my soul".

Babette Baker came away elated. "He re-energized me to meet my goals; He exceeded my expectations over and above." Laura Lunkenheimer agreed, saying, "I have action plans I can take." Maria Lourdes Fallace initially approached the workshop with some skepticism. "I have been disappointed by many highly rated speakers that I have decided to be very selective of where I go and who I listen to," she admitted. "I was very impressed by Mel's presentation, its content, his dynamism, his people power."

Tree Carter stated it simply and best: "I learned clarity. Our community really needed this."

One common concern expressed by participants was that the group that would most benefit from Tillar's message of achievement and personal growth wasn't present – and that was area youth. Participants asked him to return to do another " Extraordinary Way" workshop with youth.

Maria Lourdes Fallace identified why messages like Tillar's could be invaluable to younger audiences, particularly Hispanic/Latino youth. "They need so much to be involved in positive things. I am so glad to see the tremendous growth and achievement in so many areas of the African American segment of the population; sadly, this is not happening with us, the Hispanics/Latinos. I still don't see the Hispanic population coming together to be counted, to make a difference, to influence others."

Kilpatrick knows firsthand how growth and achievement can start small and gain momentum over time. As executive producer, creator, and host of "New Inspiration for the Nation, Stories of Success and Achievement" on Power 106.9 FM, Kilpatrick brought Tillar to town to kick off an ongoing series of workshops, presentations, and events intended to inspire personal growth and nurture self-determination for those who dream despite the odds.

Also on Tillar's agenda during his visit - a workshop at National Grid on dynamic change and a meeting with the Syracuse Chamber of Commerce. In addition to The Rosamond Gifford Foundation, the Mel Tillar event also received support from National Grid, Bethany Baptist Church, WAER 88.3, Professor Richard Breyer, Southwest Economic Business Resource Center, georgekilpatrick.com, The Updowntowners, Dr. Adam Banks and POWER 106.9FM.

Plans are being made to bring Tillar back later for an upcoming youth summit and a leadership session with business leaders in the community.