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About George Kilpatrick

George Kilpatrick is a respected multimedia advocate for the quiet majority of people who are models of success but whose stories often go untold.

A New York City native, Kilpatrick provides talent, leadership, and production, in television and radio. Kilpatrick has been a columnist, TV and radio talk show host, producer, and morning drive news anchor at stations that range from public broadcasting affiliates to Clear Channel Radio outlets.

He lends his time and talents to creating a greater community for all. Kilpatrick was the driving force, and one of the lead organizers and founders of the first ever Juneteenth celebration in Syracuse, NY.

He served as president of the Chi Pi Chapter, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. and was named Omega Man of the Year; President of the Minority Economic Development Council; and President of the New York State Association of Affirmative Action Officers.

Kilpatrick has been honored by the Central New York Association of Minority Police Officers, Oneida County NAACP, Onondaga County Medical Society, Syracuse/Onondaga County Human Rights Commission, Syracuse Juneteenth Committee, Central New York Girl Scout Council, and the Hiawatha Seaway Council Boy Scouts of America.

Biography of George Kilpatrick

Success and achievement are the hallmarks of George Kilpatrick’s media career, but not in the way you might expect. Throughout his work as a producer, host, creator and writer in the fields of radio, television, and documentary film-making, his mission has remained consistent – to uplift his listeners/viewers and inspire them to achieve their own measure of success. Kilpatrick’s intent is to boost those who are looking to mirror their own lives but rarely see the media reflect back images of success in the African American community and other communities of color. And his actions play out that intent as he continues to expand his influence through ongoing television, radio, and film projects.

Kilpatrick’s own reach is extensive, not only in his own community but also the world beyond. As producer/host of the daily live midday television talk show, “Hour CNY” on PBS affiliate WCNY-TV in Syracuse, NY, he interviews the movers and shakers of the Central New York region covering a 19-county area. He is also producer/host of the award-winning series, “Access with George Kilpatrick,” which provides a forum for voices underrepresented in the media; a special seven-part spin-off of the series, “Facing Racism: A Special Access with George Kilpatrick” earned Kilpatrick the 2005 Award for Outstanding Contribution from the Human Rights Commission. Kilpatrick also produces WCNY’s weekly public affairs program, “Central Issues,” and serves as the station’s Director of Community Affairs.

Kilpatrick is equally well-represented on the airwaves of commercial radio in Central New York through his work on Clear Channel affiliate stations. As producer and host of “The George Kilpatrick Show” and host of “Dr. On Call”  on WSYR-AM, he shares perspectives on a variety of local, regional and national issues, and provides health information and wellness education.  His latest endeavor, “New Inspiration for the Nation” on WPHR-FM brings Kilpatrick’s mission front and center as he talks with nationally-recognized guests such as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar about success, motivation, and positive role models within the African American community. Kilpatrick serves as host, producer and creator of “New Inspiration” which celebrated its first anniversary last fall.

Kilpatrick extended his reach into documentary film-making with the world premiere of “Freedom’s Call, “ a look back at the civil rights movement through the experiences of two prominent African American journalists who covered the movement’s pivotal events. Kilpatrick served as one of the documentaries’s featured subjects and was part of the production team that envisioned the project.

As a public speaker, master of ceremonies, expert motivator and practiced facilitator, Kilpatrick adroitly handles a wide range of topics and subject matter, including diversity, community-building, entrepreneurship, media influences, and personal growth. He speaks from the heart with candor and empathy, and skillfully balances the intellectual with the emotional. Often described as “the male Oprah WInfrey,” Kilpatrick wins over audiences with his humor, sympathy, personal integrity, passion, and commitment.

  • More than 25 years as a talent and producer in television and radio
  • Committed to exposing the extraordinary accomplishments of everyday people
  • Award-winning media personality and community leader
    • Omega Psi Phi Fraternity "Man of the Year"
    • Human Rights Award for Outstanding Contribution in Syracuse and Onondaga County
    • Outstanding Service Award, Syracuse Juneteenth Committee
    • CNY Girl Scouts Council Service Award
    • Hiawatha Council of Boys Scouts Scoutreach Award
    • Oneida County NAACP
    • Syracuse Press Club Honorable Mention "From" Syracuse to Salt Lake
    • Onondaga County Medical Society Award for Service to Medical Care
    • Do Good Society “Do Good” Award
    • Pride of Syracuse, Service Award
  • Wrote and developed original study on "Talk Radio" and its Influence on Public Policy

Contact information for George Kilpatrick.  E-mail: George@GeorgeKilpatrick.com.