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New Inspiration for the Nation


"New Inspiration for the Nation" is a one-hour radio program that speaks to the children of the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Creator and host George Kilpatrick celebrates stories of success and achievement by sharing how people are living their dreams and what they've overcome to achieve them. It's a welcome respite for those looking to mirror their own lives but rarely see a clear reflection in the media. New Inspiration for the Nation is solutions oriented media.


Listen to New Inspiration for the Nation on POWER 620 AM and on the web at www.PowerAM620.com Sunday mornings at 9:00am EST or hear the podcasts here.

You can also find my blog at www.NewInspirationForTheNation.com.

Listen to The George Kilpatrick Show on www.WSyr.com Sunday 7-9am EST.


“New Inspiration” features segments on success and motivation, power money moves, healthy lifestyles, community investment, education, and entrepreneurship. The show also expresses the artistic side through spoken word, music and the arts. Kilpatrick explores relationship dynamics within families, while also highlighting community concerns and solutions.

Kilpatrick�s mission also pays attention to the health disparity within the underrepresented communities. Families use the program to get healthier cooking tips, family exercise suggestions, and healthcare access in a manner that is culturally relevant. The African-American community and other communities of color have higher rates of hypertension, obesity, diabetes, and certain cancers. George Kilpatrick will use his contacts within in the medical community and complimentary medicine to increase healthier outcomes.


It�s a spontaneous mix of the sophisticated and the irreverent, where diverse minds come together for a common vibe. Kilpatrick reveals the texture and diversity within the Black Experience. He hits listeners with current news, issues and information about the communities in which they live and acts as a resource, providing the tools of inspiration that can be applied to everyday life in order to achieve success. The show bridges the gap between news, and community service, and entertainment, with listener call-in opportunities that positively influence these communities.

Host George Kilpatrick sheds light on issues that help listeners stay informed while giving them the real deal. He takes a stand on issues and challenges the status quo.


"New Inspiration for the Nation" offers an opportunity for sponsors to associate their products or services with a name whose reputation and commitment in television and radio around community issues is unmatched. As host, and executive producer, George Kilpatrick has a style that is accessible by both the corporate community and grass roots. That’s why Kilpatrick Media and Marketing is pleased to offer this sponsorship opportunity to forward-thinking companies interested in reaching an emerging market.